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Summer Newsletter


The crops are in the ground and it is almost time to harvest the wheat. The days of wanting rain and not wanting rain seem to cross paths. If only we could direct the rain to the fields we want.


As of June 17th, the wheat conditions look good. But for corn and beans, the spotty rain that has fallen has favored some of you and left some of you dry (pun intended).


Last year wheat yield in Michigan was the highest in the nation. In 2015 total wheat production was recorded to be 385 million bushels (Kansas produced 321 million bushels) – up 11 percent over 2014. The 2015 yield is 6.5 percent above Michigan’s long-term average. The Great Lakes Region office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service announced a record average yield of 81 bushels per acre for the 2015 harvest.


As in last year we will be testing for vomitoxin, which causes some delay in getting your ticket. We appreciate your patience and we will do our best to get you back to the field as quickly as possible.


In our last newsletter at the end of January, the prices of some of the commodities have climbed. New Crop corn was at $3.46 now is $4.14. Soybeans were $8.44 and now are $10.92, with it reaching over $11.00 earlier in the month. Wheat is the only crop that has dropped compared to January price. It is $4.56 compared to $4.63 in January.


We wish you a good and safe harvest.   

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